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Our mission is to preserve fish, fruits or vegetables fresh & tasty from the time of catching or harvesting until delivered on the dining table of your home.

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Company Name Sanrei Techno. Corporation Office




Design room]

[Design room]


[Tokyo Office]


[Tokyo Office]


[Oosaka Office]


[Oosaka Office]

Head Office&Factory
7-10,Tai 6-chome,
Tamano City,
Okayama 706-0001,Japan

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Oosaka Ofiice
#702 7F Tsuchino Bldg 6-10,Minami Senba 2-Chome,Chuo-ku,
Oosaka 542-0081,Japan
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Tokyo Office
308 Bldg 8F
8-5,Nihonbashi Kayabacho
Tokyo 103-0025,Japan

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Establishment 15/March/1961
Board Directors Representative Director
Shinji Miyake

Managing director
Yuka Miyake
Capital 22,000,000 Yen
Dealings bank Tamano Branch Hyakujushi Bank
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Freezer & Air Conditioner Chemical Equipment Environment-relatedEquipment High-Efficiency Engineering
Freezer & Air Conditioner Chemical Equipment Gnviromental Protection
Engineering Design,Manufacturing

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Company History

September/1961 Hisashi Miyake established a private company, Sanrei Kogyosho.
June/1963 A branch was located inside Tamano Shipyard of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co.Ltd.
June/1964 Sanrei Kogyosho proceeded to an incorporated public company,
Sanrei Industry Limited Liability Company.
June/1966 Its headquarter & manufacturing plant site was located at 1-6-19 Tai, Tamano City and started manufacturing of drums & tanks ,freezers & air conditioners.
October/1969 Sanrei Industry Corporation succeeded to the liability company.
April/1971 The works was enlarged. The 2nd yard started working.
April/1977 Research & Development Center was into operation at Yamada, Tamano City .
July/1981 Warehouse for raw materials products was built at Sounai, Tamano City .
March/1984 Manufacturing of chemical equipment ( clumn & Internals) started.
March/1987 Manifactureing of environment-protection equipment followed.
March/1992 New Machine for column internals were installed such as laser machining tool, turret punch press, pounding machine.
March/1995 Manufacturing machines of tower packing were installed.
October/1995 Manufacturing of high-efficiency random packing was licensed.
January/1996 Engineering & design were licensed, in addition to manufacturing.
April/1998 Tokyo & Osaka offices were branched.
April/1998 Engineering service for packed columns started.
Sanrei's mini ring was developped and introduced into market.
May/2002 New head office & works were plant was built at 6-7-10 Tai, Tamano City.
December/2002 Technopack, a high effciency structured packing,was licensed by Mitsui & Co.Ltd.
October/2013 Logistics business operation division installation
January/2014 Tokyo Logistics Business Operation Division start
August/2017 Mr. Shinji Miyake assumed office as Representative Director
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